Me, sitting on a patio drinking wine. As per usual.

About the Blog

Lately has always been a little corner of the internet in which I could share some of my thoughts and experiences, however unremarkable those might be. From day trips to upstate New York and favorite coffee shops in Nashville, to end-of-the-year reflections, I’ve tried to tell stories about what I’ve been up to lately.

But lately I’ve been that person subtly dropping into conversations the ways in which I’m trying to cut back on plastic use and refuse (as much as I can) single-use paper and plastic products. Lately I’ve found myself standing in line at Walgreens, watching in horror as the cashiers double-bag each and every purchase, as if those two bag of chips and 50-count Tylenol are just far too heavy for one bag to handle on it’s own. Sometimes I wonder if they’re doing it just to spite me, so that my attempts to bring my own bag are made futile by the overbearing convenience-based economy in which I live.

Lately I’ve been trying to slow down and live more sustainably, and rather than be that person at the lunch table who rants for 20+ minutes about steps that we can take to contribute to, and demand, a more circular economy - as co-workers and friends slowly push away from the table and quietly back out of the kitchen, hoping I don’t notice that I’m now only preaching to a half-empty refrigerator and a sink full of dirty dishes - I’ll rant away on the internet. That’s what this whole thing is for, anyway, right?

I'm excited to use Lately as a space for my own sustainability thoughts, challenges, and discoveries. I’m by no means an expert on this (or anything, really, tbh), but I have found quite a few ways to cut back on the amount that I send to landfill and become much more intentional in how I shop, cook, travel, and live. I won't be spending time trying to convince you that you should care about the environment; if you're here, I'm assuming that you already do, and I hope that, if anything, I can help make sustainable living seem possible and maybe even - now stay with me - enjoyable.