Born and raised in Dallas, TX, currently pursuing an MFA film degree from Columbia University. 

I like hot yoga and cold ice cream, pretending to know things about coffee, and eating too much dark chocolate.

One time I told the flight attendant I'm a nervous flyer and she gave me a free glass of wine.

I am anti-Cilantro but pro-Guacamole so that's a struggle. 

I'd like a dog but I'm having trouble keeping a tiny cactus alive so it's probably best to wait on that. 

I always wanted to make it to at least 5'6" but I guess it's time to give up on that particular dream.



Waking up is hard. Ask any roommate I've ever had and they'll tell you of my morning struggles.

In college when my alarm went off, wether it was set for 6:00am or noon, my hand would fumble around on the night stand for my phone, and blindly tap the snooze button so I could curl up in my covers and go back to sleep. 

"But you have a final exam today at 8, you idiot!?!!" the tiny, muffled voice of my fully-awake self would shout. "WAKE UP!"

But my body often opted for more rest, and would overpower this little voice in it's efforts to get it. Three or four snoozes later my roommate would inevitably mumble my name from her bed across the room, at which point I would groggily sit up, step out of bed, and begrudgingly begin my day.

But over the past year, I've realized that rushed mornings - of half-eaten breakfasts and last minute scavenger hunts for my keys - aren't my thing. Maybe it's living in New York City, where things are constantly moving and there is very little downtime, but I've come to appreciate waking up slowly. 

For me, embracing these early mornings leads to a day of listening fully, enjoying completely, and being in the moment. And although I'm still very much a night owl - often inspired to write, bake pumpkin bread, or read 3 hours of Buzzfeed articles as the evening approaches midnight - I'm beginning the journey to becoming a morning person.

A blog of thoughts and contemplations, about my early(ish) mornings and late nights with friends, anecdotes from trips to the grocery story, to Brooklyn, and occasionally out of town, a place where I can write, tell stories, and reflect on my experiences, here's what I've been up to LATEly.