Photo Phriday: Cooper's BBQ Pit

Cooper's BBQ Pit // Ft. Worth, TX

Although this crisp, fall afternoon is quite lovely, today I'd much rather be sitting down in front of a tray of fresh-out-of-the-pit pulled pork and brisket, with an ice-cold Shiner beer in hand, and a cup of pecan crisp ready for me when I'm done. Barbecue is a wonderful thing, and this past August while I was back in Dallas I stopped by Cooper's BBQ Pit in nearby Ft. Worth to get my fix. Although New York City has many things, good barbecue is fairly difficult to find. 

I've been feeling a little homesick lately, and in that homesickness I not only miss my family and friends back in Texas, but I also miss those flavors and experiences this city cannot always offer: Blue Bell ice cream, (they're almost back, y'all), Saturday afternoons spent tailgating before a football game, (free) baskets of hot tortilla chips at a Tex-Mex restaurant, and a literal pit of perfectly seasoned, perfectly tender Texas barbecue. 

- Annamarie // October 23, 2015