Autumn, At Last

It's finally fall. A time for pumpkin-flavored things, mildly puffy coats, and premature Christmas decor aisles at a craft store near you.

I've been an Autumn Enthusiast for most of my life - a serious title that comes with serious responsibilities - and every year, as October approaches, I can't help but get childishly excited about the months ahead. Temperatures drop, amber-colored leaves lie in piles on the sidewalks, and my unnecessarily large supply of oversized sweaters no longer seems unnecessary.

Autumn is indeed the best season of the year, and I would argue, rather ferociously, with anyone who disagrees. And although it's wonderful for many reasons - the opportunity to wear infinity scarves, the sheer abundance of pumpkin pie (and cookies and lattes and apparently Greek yogurt, now), and the nostalgia of being a 5-year-old counting down the days until Christmas - I have my own reasons behind my obsession with this particular quarter of the year, and, surprisingly, only one of them has to do with food.

  1. Everyone stops whining about how they can't wait until fall, because it would be ridiculous if they continued.
  2. Candles. Call me basic, but I love candles. And nothing makes me happier than my apartment smelling like the inside of a pumpkin loaf. 
  3. Not only is there a steady stream of seasonal candy for three months, but then it goes on sale. If you're looking for me on November 1 I'll be at a Duane Reade, shamelessly buying discount Halloween candy. (And I mean if we're being honest Duane Reade needs the shelf space so I'm doing them a favor. It's for them, not me. I'm so selfless.)
  4. Kids in puffy coats running through piles of leaves. How they manage to avoid toppling over while wearing a coat so puffy, that their tiny arms can't even relax at their sides, I'll never understand. 
  5. The ice cream trucks go into hibernation and the world is a better place. As wonderful as they are for children and tourists and fashion bloggers who like to pretend they, too, eat ice cream, after months of hearing that terrifyingly creepy tune echo throughout the city streets I'm about ready to throw a fit.
  6. College football. The sound of fans cheering alongside the incessant chattering of announcers pretending to know the outcome of the bowl games has been a seasonal staple since I was a child. And what's even better than that is the inevitable downfall of each of my favorite teams. Yes, it's the thought that counts during this holiday season, but unfortunately this does not apply to football, guys. Come on.
  7. Finally, it's almost time to listen to Christmas music and sometimes I actually do even though its way too early I know gosh.

With only a few weeks left until winter settles in, and we, once again, bid farewell to 45 degrees and a reasonable wind chill, I'm spending my days appreciating autumn in New York and eating as many pumpkin-based foods as possible. Rumor has it there's the possibility of a pumpkin shortage looming over this Thanksgiving holiday, so head to your neighborhood grocery store and stock up. This is not a drill.