Photo Phriday: The Capri

I think I got 12 mosquito bites the night Joshua and I ate at The Capri. It was our last night in Marfa, Texas and neither of us were looking forward to leaving behind such a significant little town. There's a specific kind of quiet that only exists in the middle of nowhere, a penetrating quiet that goes beyond just a lack of highway traffic or chatty tourists, and settles into your bones, shifting the way you think, feel, and move. It makes the days seem longer, the air more fresh, and already-delicious food and drink more memorable. And both of us noticed it the second we arrived.

I had heard about Marfa a few years back, probably just after Beyoncé visited and made the city an "it girl" get-away vacation spot. But my experience there was almost nothing like I expected. It wasn't trendy bar after trendy bar filled with hip artists, filmmakers, and musicians. It wasn't food trucks with a line down the block for the best tacos in Texas. It was quiet, secluded, almost strange. Restaurants stay open until they feel like closing, many of them only open a few days a week. The streets are seemingly abandoned, a car or small group of people passing through every once in awhile. And while the city didn't meet my expectations, it exceeded them in a way I never could have imagined. Marfa is just as incredible as everyone says it is, not because it's "cool", but because it's remarkable, peculiar, special.

That last night after dinner we sat outside for a few hours, sipping on craft cocktails, while I ignored Joshua's request that we move inside; although he had zero mosquito bites, I was welcoming new ones every few minutes. And while the next day in the car I sat with my hands in my lap, unsuccessfully willing the itching to stop, it didn't matter. Those pesky bites eventually go away, but Marfa doesn't. It stays with you, in your bones, until you eventually hop in the car and make your way back.

Photo Phriday: Cooper's BBQ Pit

Cooper's BBQ Pit // Ft. Worth, TX

Although this crisp, fall afternoon is quite lovely, today I'd much rather be sitting down in front of a tray of fresh-out-of-the-pit pulled pork and brisket, with an ice-cold Shiner beer in hand, and a cup of pecan crisp ready for me when I'm done. Barbecue is a wonderful thing, and this past August while I was back in Dallas I stopped by Cooper's BBQ Pit in nearby Ft. Worth to get my fix. Although New York City has many things, good barbecue is fairly difficult to find. 

I've been feeling a little homesick lately, and in that homesickness I not only miss my family and friends back in Texas, but I also miss those flavors and experiences this city cannot always offer: Blue Bell ice cream, (they're almost back, y'all), Saturday afternoons spent tailgating before a football game, (free) baskets of hot tortilla chips at a Tex-Mex restaurant, and a literal pit of perfectly seasoned, perfectly tender Texas barbecue. 

- Annamarie // October 23, 2015