Green Barn Berry Farm

What's more American than picking fresh blueberries on Fourth of July weekend, you ask? 

Nothing. Not one thing.

This past Friday Joshua and I went with his parents to the Green Barn Berry Farm in Muncy, Pennsylvania and spent a warm, Summer evening picking blueberries. I've since decided to move away from New York City and live on a farm, where I can grow fresh fruits, veggies and herbs in my backyard, spend mornings sipping coffee on my front porch, and store my clothing in a closet instead of on a clothing rack in the middle of my apartment (wait, other people in New York have closets? oh...).

While I was picking (read: eating) blueberries I spent some time playing with my new camera. After almost 5 years with my trusty little Canon Rebel t3i - my very first DSLR - I finally upgraded to a Canon 7D and haven't put it down since. 

Two nights ago Joshua's mom made a delicious blueberry pie to kick off our Independence Day celebrations, and I think later this month I'll take a stab at my very first homemade blueberry jelly. But first, if anyone has a farm they aren't using just let me know. I'll be there in 5 minutes. 

Day Trips (or, How to Stay Sane When You're A Grad Student In New York)

Bear Mountain State Park // NY

New York City. The city that never sleeps. One of the most incredible places to live, and also one of the most exhausting. 

After living in New York for just over a year I've learned just how valuable even a few hours outside of the city can be. Taking a break from the fast-paced lifestyle, the constant noise, and the multitasking required to get anything done in a timely manner is a necessity in order to maintain any kind of sanity. 

In an attempt to find a few moments of peace and remember what exactly trees look like, I took a trip to Bear Mountain State Park last Monday. If you're looking for an easy escape from city life for a day or two, read on for a few places we stopped at along the way!


Location #1: Bear Mountain

What is the exact opposite of riding the subway? Hiking.

Although we missed the color-changing trees by what seemed like a few minutes, the fresh air and lack of ambulance sirens made the hike a welcome break. The ground was covered in layers of crunchy, golden leaves, the sky was clear, and there were zero bears, which always makes for a better hiking experience in my opinion.

About a 55-minute drive outside of the city, a trip to Bear Mountain is a great escape from the brick, concrete, and homeless people that New Yorkers are typically surrounded by.

*And if driving isn't an option Coach offers round-trip bus tickets to the park for only $26.

Location #2: Sleepy Hollow

Philipsburg Manor // Sleepy Hollow, NY

With only an hour left of sunlight, and not enough time to start a new trail before dark, we did a quick Google search to find a town nearby to wander around before dinner. The results: Sleepy Hollow (which, to be completely honest, I had no idea was in New York...).

Because it was a Monday afternoon most of the museums and tourist attractions were already closed, so we spent most of our time at a park along the Hudson river. After sneaking underneath a fence to snap a photo of the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse, we spent a little (way too much) time attempting to take one of those casually-throwing-leaves-in-the-air-because-its-fall photos. We also stopped by the Philipsburg Manor - a little house 

Once the sun went down it was time for our last stop before begrudgingly coming back to the city.

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse // Sleepy Hollow, NY

We tried...

Location #3: Peekskill Brewery

We stopped by Peekskill Brewery on the recommendation of a friend and quickly learned there's nothing better than an unnecessarily large burger and a cold, chocolatey stout at the end of a busy day. Just a short walk from the Peekskill Metro North station and only about an hour outside of the city, the experience is definitely worth the trek. Not only will you sit down without the fear of bumping elbows with strangers at the neighboring table - a novelty for New York residents - but you'll also have the opportunity to indulge in some of the best mac-and-cheese you'll probably ever encounter (and I'm pretty picky about my mac-and-cheese).

Overall my first, and fairly last-minute, day trip out of NY was a success. I came back to the city feeling refreshed and sane, two very good things to feel.